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I started Health Promotion On Call because I am passionate about helping people to make realistic lifestyle changes so that they can look, feel and BE their best.  I understand that not everyone starts at the same place, nor does everyone have the same destination in mind when it comes to their health and lifestyle choices.  As a working mom, I also understand the challe

nges that a busy life can bring when you are working to make positive changes in your life.  By working together, we will tailor a plan with practical steps to meet your individual goals and needs to achieve great health – for today and a lifetime!

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Christine Lothen KlineChristine Lothen-Kline

is a Registered Dietitian (RD) and a Master Certified Health Education Specialist (MCHES) with over 20 years of experience in a variety of  health settings, to include

university, clinical, community, government, faith-based, worksites and private practice.

Christine served as an officer and dietitian in the U.S. Army for over eight years. Her group education,  and individual counseling has included the areas of weight management, pregnancy, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, renal disease and overall health promotion.  She has also done extensive work in health program planning, implementation and evaluation.

She is committed to promoting gut health in all of her clients.  As a person living with Crohn’s disease, she knows personally the impact that an unhealthy gut can have on all aspects of your health.  So many health problems can be traced

back to an unhealthy gut, and so much can be done to promote gut health and overall health.  Christine merges both traditional and complementary health approaches into her practice.  She has received training and mentoring in integrative and functional nutrition from Susan Allen, a nationally known expert in this area.

She holds a Masters Degree in Public Health in the area of Health Promotion/Disease Prevention from The George Washington University. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. She loves to read, travel, learn new things, meet new people, watch her daughter dance and her son build anything and everything.

HPOC Associates:beckyprofile2_small

Becky Ramsing is a Registered Dietitian (RD) with a Masters of Public Health from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and over 20 years in experience in the field of nutrition. Prior to joining Health Promotion on Call, she worked with the University of Maryland Extension as a Nutrition, Health and Wellness Educator and in a variety of other public health organizations.

Becky has been actively promoting nutrition and physical activity in many varied settings, including schools, work sites, hospitals, and the community. In addition to consulting with HPoC, she helps lead a food security and urban gardening program with women in Kabul, Afghanistan.  She also spent several years working in East Africa teaching nutrition and working with children and families affected by HIV/AIDS.

As a competitive runner, athlete and busy parent of 3, she is passionate about helping others achieve their wellness goals within their current resources and lifestyles.

Other HPOC Associates – HPOC has a team of associates with a wide variety of professional training and experiences.  These include registered dietitians, health educators, nurse educators, physicians, massage therapists, trainers, stress management specialists and others.  We have the skills you need when you need them!