Digestive Health

Do you have the GUTS to be healthy?

  • Tired all the time?
  • Trouble concentrating?
  • Frequent headaches and migraines?
  • Chronic diarrhea and/or constipation?
  • Always feel gassy and bloated?
  • Frequent abdominal pain?

As someone who has lived with Crohn’s disease, I know first-hand what an unhealthy gut can mean to how you feel.  For that reason, I have chosen to focus my practice on gastrointestinal health.  I am a self-proclaimed “gut nut”.

The heart and brain get a lot of attention when it comes to health, but although it might not be as sexy, the digestive system (gut) has a greater impact on your day-to-day health.  Seventy percent of your immune system is located in your gut.  It is responsible for deciding what is good and should be let past the gut barrier, and what is not so good, and should be kept out.  When it is in balance, we take it for granted, but if it isn’t working so well, we feel it.

Digestive problems are one of the main reasons people visit the doctor.   Many people suffer from acute and/or chronic digestive problems, but we also know that many other health problems, such as migraines, depression, arthritis, skin problems, autism, chronic fatigue, and others, can be attributed in part to poor gut health.

In addition to traditional approaches to promoting good nutrition and gastrointestinal health, I also incorporate Integrative and Functional Medicine (IFM) principles into my practice.  I utilize the 5-R Program of 1) Remove, 2) Replace, 3) Repopulate, 4) Repair, and 5) Rebalance.  Other tools to promote digestive health, include the Low-FODMAP Diet for IBS, and the LEAP Protocol (See Food Allergies, Intolerances and Sensitivities), for migraines, fibromyalgia, IBS and many other health problems.

I look forward to working with you to ensure that you DO have the GUTS to be your healthiest!