Mindful Holiday Eating

Next week begins what, for some, is an all out holiday food fest. Between baking your favorite treats to holiday parties to friends and family get-togethers, the holidays can bring about a ‘let-loose’ attitude that even the healthiest eaters can find tempting. While there are no guaranteed ways to guard yourself from the onslaught of delicious foods, there are strategies and tips to help you enjoy the fun, food and spirit of the holidays mindfully. Here are seven tips to get you started.

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Tip #1: Scope it out

Before you load your plate up with all of the delicious food and treats, be sure to look at everything that is at the meal and decide what you really want. By only picking foods you truly want, you will cut down on mindless eating once you are full and will be better able to control your portions.

Tip #2: If you really want it, enjoy it

Mindful eating around the holidays, and any other time of year, is not about deprivation. If you really want that piece of fudge/pie/peanut brittle, let yourself enjoy it!

Tip #3: Portions, portions, portions

While deprivation is not the name of the game, it is still important to watch portion sizes of treats as well as other food items you are eating over the course of your day.

Tip #4: Plan for success

Before heading to a get together, be sure to game plan how much you do want to eat. In addition, don’t skip meals before a big event in order to eat more. It is important to stick with a regular meal and snack schedule and not have a feast or famine mindset.

Tip #5: Stick to your goals

While it can be harder to stick with food and activity goals during the holidays, it does not mean you need to give up on your goals altogether and wait for the new year. It is still important to set meaningful, realistic goals for yourself that can help you navigate the holidays mindfully.

Tip #6: Keep the active in activities

The holidays are not the time to pack away those running shoes! Along with the ‘let-loose’ eating attitude, it can be tempting to put off exercise until the new year. You will feel better and be more motivated to stick to your goals if you keep up with your exercise routine.

Tip #7: Climb back up

Over the course of hectic holidays, there are likely to be moments of overindulgence and missed workouts for all of us. The trick is to keep going and to not let it have a snowball effect that follows you into the new year. Start each day fresh, with a clean slate and an active choice to keep going with your goals.

Have any other tips that help YOU stick to your goals during the holidays? Let us know in the comments below!


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