Sports Nutrition

Maximizing Performance with Nutrition

If you’re seeking to improve your race times or start a walking program, your food choices matter.  A body that is fueled and hydrated properly performs better and recovers quicker.  Proper nutrition also prevents injuries, improves endurance, and promotes a healthy weight.

As a competitive runner and athlete, Becky has the experience and knowledge to help develop a tailored plan that will help you improve your endurance, speed, and overall energy.   Taking into account your lifestyle, the intensity and type of exercise and your unique health situation and goals, a sports nutrition visit will provide you with effective and realistic ways to improve your health, optimize performance and successfully manage your weight.  Recommendations are based on current evidence-based research and science.

Good nutrition matters!  If you:

  • are feeling tired between exercise
  • are not recovering well after workouts
  • are competing or between seasons
  • want to lose weight and keep active
  • want to improve energy and performance
  • want to figure out meal timing between workouts
  • are considering supplements
  • want to optimize pre-race meals and recovery foods
  • need to hydrate and fuel during your event
  • want to eat well when traveling and eating out

Step 1: Assessment

Becky will assess of your overall lifestyle, including current and optimal weight, you’re eating habits, training schedule, travel, current nutrition status, medications and supplements, long and short-term goals.

Step 2: Plan

She will then develop a comprehensive customized program for you to achieve your goals.  Realistic guidelines are provided and goals discussed that fit your lifestyle. If something doesn’t feel right, it can be adjusted!

Step 3: Monitoring

Through periodic office visits and/or phone consultations Becky will review and fine tune your existing program.  Guidelines can be adjusted to better fit your lifestyle.  The goal is to look at what’s going to work for the long run-not just a temporary fix.

Consultations Include:

  • Review of your current nutrition program
  • Nutrition strategies for maximizing performance
  • Complete dietary analysis
  • Assessment of calorie and nutrient needs
  • Help with special dietary needs and restrictions
  • Ongoing assessment and support
  • Review of vitamins and supplements
  • Guide for restaurants and travel