9 Ways to Stay Active During the Summer

As summer continues, the days are hot and long.  But how can you exercise when it’s too hot outside?  Here are some ideas to stay cool and healthy!


1. Swimming

Join the local pool or swim a few laps at the gym.  You can get active and stay cool at the same time!

2. Walking or Running Early in the Morning or Towards the End of the Day

It’s too hot to walk or run outside in the middle of the day.  Try to wake up early to jumpstart your day!  Or if you aren’t a morning person, go for a walk or run just before the sun sets – this way you can beat the heat and still workout.

3. Yoga

Enroll in a yoga class at the gym or look up some YouTube videos!  Try this inside where it is cool or go outside to enjoy nature and stay fit.

4. Biking

Bike along local trails or around your neighborhood!  If you are from the Howard County area, Patapsco Valley State Park is a great place to do this.  Explore some of the trails and get adventurous!

5. Hiking

Hike in local parks or take a day-trip on the weekend to somewhere more exciting!  Put on your best pair of shoes and bring a lunch and some water.

6. Washing Your Car

You can get a chore done while staying cool and staying active!

7. Kayaking or Canoeing

If you do not own a kayak or canoe, you can easily rent one at a local park for an hour or two.  If you are from the Howard County area, Centennial Park has kayaks, canoes, or rowboats for $9/hour.  Click here for more information about Centennial Park.

8. Walk or Run in the Rain

Plan a walk or a run when it is going to rain outside!  If you don’t mind getting wet, this is a great way to stay cool and healthy.  Planning exercise in a different setting may even motivate you more to get outside and be active!

9. Sprinkler or Water Balloon Fight

If you have kids, these are two great ways to stay healthy.  It’s fun for you and your children!


Check back on Wednesday for some tips on staying safe and fit!


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