Tips for an Active Fall



Fall is an awesome time to get outdoors, enjoy nature and start the journey towards a healthier you! Below are 5 fun fall activities to enjoy solo or with friends and family. In addition, we are giving you some tips for enjoying fall activities safely.

apple pickingFall Biking 

Fall Running


#1 Hiking

Head out on a short hike to check out the leaves and take in all of the fall sights and sounds or take on a challenge and pick a more rigorous hike. If you are local to Maryland, there are an abundance of trails that suit all levels of fitness. If you are not in the Maryland area, a great resource for hiking is to check out the national and state parks in your area.

#2 Apple Picking

Want a great family activity that gets everyone out and about while also ending with one of nature’s yummiest snacks? Head out for an apple picking adventure. It is great to see where all of those varieties of apples come from and get in some hands on learning!

#3 Walking-Jogging-Running

As the air begins to cool down, there is no better, more refreshing time than this to get your walk-jog-run on! Try out a new route or stick to an old favorite, either way you will get to enjoy the wonderful colors of fall and the crisp air before winter heads in.

#4 Mountain Biking

Ready for some real adventure? Grab your mountain bike, helmet and accompanying gear and head to the mountain trails. Enjoy the rush of coming down the mountain in the crisp fall air!

#5 Camping

For a grand finale fall activity, head out camping! Not only are the cooler temperatures and striking colors wonderful, but you can squeeze out all the other great fall activities too! As a bonus, you are less likely to encounter flying critters!

Safety Tips

Time to get out and enjoy! Be sure to follow the following tips for an enjoying and safe experience!

Tip 1: Hydrate!

The cooler temperatures may fool you into thinking water is less of a necessity on your outdoor fall activities, but this is far from true! Be sure to hydrate before, during and after your activities. It is important to keep in mind, that if you are thirsty you are already dehydrated!

Tip 2: Dress accordingly

Fall can be a tricky time to know how to dress. Be sure to layer and have one waterproof outer layer so you can dress to the changing temperature of the day and the level of your activity.

Tip 3: Plan for success

Be sure to plan your activities ahead of time and be prepared with proper supplies, think food, water, and in the case of camping shelter. As mentioned above, fall can be a tricky time for weather and it is vital to have the proper supplies for your activity. 

Tip 4: Call ahead

When headed out on a hike, mountain biking or camping, it is important to let others know where you are going, how long you plan to be there and when to signal for help. It may seem silly, but even short hikes and activities may require assistance. It is always better to play it safe and have a plan.

Tip 5: Camping Considerations 

Fall camping can be some of the best camping all year round, but it does not come without special considerations. Dressing in layers and bringing a sleeping bag rated for the temps you will be dealing with as well as planning adequate shelter and back up options, will help you have a more enjoyable camping experience. In addition, bring multiple ways to start a fire. In case of emergencies, have two routes to leave the area by when possible.



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